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MCRA and MCHA are seeking interested persons who are willing to serve in a governance capacity as a tenant member of both Authority Boards.


Both Authorities are committed to the principle that the Authority Boards have representation from throughout McKean County. In particular, it is policy the McKean County Housing Authority shall have one board member who is either a tenant of Low Income Public Housing or Housing Choice Voucher Program participant. 


Board Members are expected to attend monthly meetings in person, attend one

annual meeting, and to serve on one of two sub-committees, Personnel or Finance. In addition Board Members shall perform other duties and functions as may from time to time required by the Authorities.


The Annual Meeting of the Authorities shall be held on the Third Thursday of January at the regular meeting of place of the Authorities, unless otherwise noted. The Regular Meeting of the Authorities will be held on the Third Thursday of every month at 8:30am.


We will accept inquiries until January 24, 2020.


Interested persons should send a resume or bio, and a short cover letter outlining why

you would like to serve on the MCRA and MCHA Boards, what special skills, talents, or resources you bring to the Board, and what you hope to accomplish as a Board member to:


Officers of MCRA and MCHA Board

Alcherrie A. Williams, Executive Director

415 West Main Street

Smethport, PA 16749


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